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The Future of Kite Fishing Has Arrived!






Great Kite Fishing

Now Made Easy

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Takes the place of multiple traditional kites. Flies steadily in winds from Zero to 22 Knots.
Gives more fishing time with minimal running costs.
Unique lighter-than-air, aerodynamic, Fishing Helikite automatically flies itself from all boats, in all fishing weathers, to target every species of game fish.

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Kite fishing for game fish is an exciting and challenging experience that requires skill and patience. With the right equipment and technique, you can increase your chances of catching these creatures. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, kite fishing for marlin and other game  fish is an adventure you won't forget.

By selecting the appropriate kite and rigging, you can effortlessly get your bait to where the fish are without the need for heavy weights or downriggers. Regardless of your level of expertise, kites for fishing are an essential tool to have in your fishing gear.

Fishing Boat

With their innovative design, these kites provide a stable and reliable platform for your bait, allowing you to fish in areas that were previously inaccessible. 



Traditional fishing kites need to be swapped every time the wind changes, which costs a lot of time unclipping lines, adjusting kites, inflating and tying on balloons, etc. Every Fishing Helikite will fly in all wind speeds from 0 to 22 knots. One Fishing Helikite does it all. This saving of time could be the difference between winning and losing a tournament.

How is this amazing wind range achieved?
A Fishing Helikite has a tough, plastic helium balloon permanently attached at its bow, which contributes both helium lift and aerodynamic lift. It is overall lighter-than-air, so it flies well when there is no wind, or just the faintest breeze. Low wind conditions that cause traditional kites to fall down do not affect Fishing Helikites, which always remain flying. If a tighter Helikite flying line is needed to pull out more fishing lines, weights and adjustments can be made to the Fishing Helikite, or a supplied drogue can be added to give even more drag when the boat is ‘bumped’ along slowly over the fishing area.  

The 0 to 25mph wind range of the Fishing Helkite is the highest of any small kite in the world. It flies in all these winds with no adjustment. The Fishing Helikite is not just a balloon, but an aerodynamic, balloon-kite hybrid, so winds actually push the Helikite up in a very steady manner, instead of downwards. The Helikite is both wind and helium stabilised and so constantly self-rights itself in high winds. Gravity is the most stable force in the sky, so utilising it keeps the Helikite very stable too. This allows fishing in bad weather conditions with confidence and also enables the high-speed trolling of baits, such as when skipping flying fish lures over the waves to attract large game fish. Unlike some traditional fishing kites, Fishing Helikites will always reliably launch from large fishing vessels despite the turbulence caused by the main cabin.


Fishing Helikites provide more valuable fishing time to catch more fish.


Once filled with helium, Fishing Helikites cost almost nothing to operate, saving hundreds of dollars.

Fishing Helikite Side View.jpg

Many fishermen find traditional kites tricky and unreliable to fly and so attach a large rubber helium balloon to the back of the kite to provide a bit more lift. However, these $25 rubber balloons are porous to helium, losing about 50% of their helium per day, so only good for one day’s fishing, meaning a new balloon plus $50 of helium are needed every day. This works out at $2,250 per month! The Fishing Helikite uses a special plastic balloon that lasts for many months and only loses about 0.5% of helium per day costing about fifty cents. Fishing Helikites make regular kite fishing both easy and economical - great for every fisherman and perfect for charter or tournament skippers. Once initially filled with about $100 of helium, the Fishing Helikite costs so little to operate, that it can be used every day without financial concern.

The Fishing Helikite doubles the fishing area by utilising the downwind side of a drifting boat.


When drifting without kites, only the upwind side of a fishing boat can be utilised for rod fishing. The downwind side is completely wasted. So only a fraction of the possible water is being fished. Huge numbers of fish may be missed this way. Fishing Helikites are so simple to use that any fisherman can now easily fish the downwind side of a boat with confidence that his Fishing Helikites will not fall into the water, whatever happens to the wind. Also, Helikites fly far steadier than traditional fishing kites, so a line of baits can be held very steadily in the top 12 inches of the water. Steady baits are far better at catching game fish, than baits being pulled out of the sea all the time.

The Fishing Helikites unique combination of gravity stability plus aerodynamic stability allows this. Fishing Helikites have a number of Velcro pockets on their sides to hold lead weights which hold one side down whilst the helium powerfully holds the other side upwards. This, combined with a patented adjustable keel means Fishing Helikites can be easily set to zoom along sideways like an airborne torpedo with tremendous stability at any speeds up to 16 knots. This allows multiple baited lines to be set far away from the boats wake, greatly improving fishing coverage and increasing the chances of wary fish taking the bait. More coverage and better bait presentation is likely to lead to more fish being caught.

Fishing Helikites can provide 100-yard-wide outriggers. For greater coverage and better bait presentation.

The Fishing Helikite is significantly lighter-than-air so it can fly in nil wind, but, uniquely, it is also very capable of flying in high winds. The 0.7m3 Fishing Helikite, with its standard medium weight spar and no side weights, has a design maximum speed of 22 knots, well above all required trolling speeds. Even if a boat pulls the Fishing Helikite faster than 22 knots and in these extreme conditions it does hit the water, it just immediately bounces straight into the air again! The skipper will instinctively slow slightly and the Helikite will instantly fly back into the sky automatically. No broken kite, no tangles, no lost baits, no lost fishing time. Also, Fishing Helikites fly so reliably that if a fish is caught and being played, the other baited lines can be rapidly put back into the water, so fishing can continue uninterrupted while fish are being played, which is a huge advantage over rod fishing.

The Fishing Helikite never sinks into the water when fishing.

The Fishing Helikite is stored fully inflated ready for instant use when fish are seen.


There is no time to be lost when fish are biting! As they hold helium so well, Fishing Helikites can be stored in the boat fully inflated for weeks - allowing launch within seconds. They are deliberately made small enough to fit through doors for safe storage in the cabin. They also have an optional canvas cover that is excellent at protecting them both inside or outside in all weathers and enable the Fishing Helikite to be securely tied to the boat. Fishing Helikites will fit fully inflated into most vehicles so can easily be taken home, instantly ready for fishing next day.

Where are Fishing Helikites made and where can they be bought?

Fishing Helikites are designed and individually hand made only in the UK by

Allsopp Helikites Ltd, Ashford Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP61BD, England.
Tel: +44 1425 654967. Email: Website:
Our US distributor is: US Kites LLC, Pine Beach, NJ 08741, USA.
Tel: 855-3-USKITES Email: Website:

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