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The new Skyshot Helikites fly themselves & take superb aerial photographs-Automatically!  Professional quality aerial photos for everyone and videos too.

Skyshot Helikites fly the World's best digital cameras anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Very low cost to buy and fly. Easily affordable to everyone.

Used extensively in the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and South Korea. Helikites offer a stable platform with more in the air time than drones and blimps. Tethered balloon helikites are robust and easy to use.

Aerial pictures bette than drone
Better than a drone or AUV, 5,000ft above ocean gives 100 miles radio line-of-sight
Pictures from the sky better than a drone
better stabilit and longer in the air than a drone
Helikite aerostats manufactured by Allsopp Helikites are available in several sizes with bespoke options.
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