• Atmospheric Science

    Helikites are used in projects in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Australia, Canada and around the globe for Atmospheric projects by leading environmental organisations.

  • Aerial Communications

    Unlike blimps and most aerostats, Helikites offer a stable platform for communication transceivers and relay equipment.  Helikites are currently used by some of the largest communication service providers.

  • Defence & Security

    Helikite aerostats are used across the world for aerial border protection, surveillance and patrol. Used in some of the harshest environmental conditions with extreme heat, sand and ice. Helikites perform where other aerostats and blimps fail.

  • Emergency Services

    Quick to launch in less than favourable conditions, Helikites are a solution to many emergency service tactical issues. A cost effective way of establishing 4g and 5g coverage.

  • Film Production

    Pictures and video from 50 metres up to thousands of metres is attainable with a stable, safe, tethered Helikite.

  • Marketing

    A cost effective way of displaying a banner or logo for hours , days or weeks over a large area. This can also be coupled with adding WiFi coverage.

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