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Height is a tremendous advantage for communications. Helikites are the best airborne platforms in the world for lifting radio communications, because they are high altitude, long endurance, all-weather and inexpensive to operate. No other method of lifting radios has ever come close to the all-round capability and ease-of-use of Helikites.

Helikite communication systems aid emergency services, scientists, military, logging companies, mines etc. Helikites allows them to easily keep in touch with each other or contact the outside world.

Aerial Communications used by BT and leading telecommunictions companies

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4G Everywhere

Limitless Mobile Coverage Anywhere
Community Airborne Cellphone Towers

Over 30% of the world has no access to mobile phone services due to inhospitable terrain and lack of infrastructure. By lifting base stations high into the sky, Helikites can economically provide everybody in the world with a mobile phone service.

extending wifi, mobile and cell phone reach
Personal Airborne Cellphone Towers

Anybody can now instantly access 4G in areas where non is presently available, by lifting 4G MiFi receivers high into the sky using tiny personal Helikite Hotspots.  Please visit for more information.

Unmanned Vehicle Breakthrough

Long Range Capability

Hundreds of soldiers and sailors lives are put at risk every because the unmanned vehicles made available to them do not operate over hills or the horizon.  Helikites airborne communication relays extend the range of unmanned vehicles massively, thus allowing them to engage and destroy the enemy with no risk to allied personnel.

UAV backboan and long haul communcations

Military Communications

Complete Real-time Battlefield Control

Present military radios are limited in bandwidth because they seldom have line of site over the horizon.  Lifting battlefield radios into the air enables direct full broadband communications between the commander thousands of miles away to every soldier, military vehicle or asset on the battlefield.  This can give streaming videos from gun sights helmet cameras and surveillance cameras.  It also provides full blue force tracking and human vital function data.  This then allows far better decision-making and command control of all forces. Thereby improving battlefield outcome.

Aeial communications used by US ans UK Military

Global Positioning

Jam Enemy Satelite GPS

It is extremely simple to jam enemy GPS using tiny high altitude Helikites lifting inexpensive consumer GPS jammers. 

Fly Jam-Resistant Helikite GPS

New research shows it is possible to provide worldwide jam resistant GPS free positioning using high altitude Helikites lifting very low frequency (VLF) long wire antennas.  This replaces the need for satellite GPS infrastructure, is many orders of magnitude cheaper, is hugely resistant to enemy jamming and can be deployed at very short notice.


5G Driverless Cars

Instant Revolution

The biggest barrier to driverless cars is the lack of 5G connectivity over the British road system.  Waiting for normal 5G base stations to cover all areas will take many decades and billions of pounds.  Airborne 5G base stations on Helikites can provide 5G coverage over every road in Britain for a tiny fraction of this cost.

extending 5g coverage  through aerial platforms
4G Remote

4G is a combination of a Helikite aerostat fitted with 4G communications for a rapidly deployable communications network. Helikites are persistent, all-weather, miniature aerostats used by governments and communication specialists worldwide.

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