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Reliable, Economical, Persistent, Airborne Capability

Helikites have been used around the globe by military and border security services for decades. Their all-weather capability is highly appreciated.


With border surveillance protection more important than ever before, Helikite surveillance systems offer an affordable, all-weather, day-night solution that is economical enough to be fielded permanently. Helikite systems provide surveillance over large areas of tough terrain, enabling the tracking of unauthorized personnel, smugglers, illegal immigrants or hostile forces.


High Speed Airborne Border Patrol

The unique ability of Helikites to be operated from mobile trailers or trucks is very important for rapid deployment.


Unlike other aerostats (that rapidly become unstable) Helikites can be towed at high speed behind trailers, trucks or boats with no problems. This allows long-distance patrolling and fast pursuit of targets. Patrolling in this way reduces the surveillance costs per unit area by ten times compared to fixed installations.

Long Range Airborne Gyro-Cameras

Gaining height provides excellent opportunities for long range day-night surveillance.


These opportunities need to be exploited by using the best available long range, gyro-stabilised surveillance cameras. There are now excellent models available suitable for aerostat use. Almost any type and make of cameras can be lifted with Helikites, but we concentrate on those that offer the best performance for the least weight and power whilst remaining within a reasonable budget.


These cameras are regularly updated and every new camera system is evaluated to see if it is suitable for our purposes.

High Altitude Radar

Helikites are capable of lifting the latest ground and sea searching radars. These can spot a moving person up to 10 miles out and vehicles and small boats out to 20 miles in nil visibility weather, rain, fog, or dust. They have automatic search capability and operator warning systems.



Electronic intelligence can be gathered from many types of electronic devices. Mobile phones, car radios, boat engines all emit radio signals. These can be picked up from far away due to the high altitude of the Helikite and the incredible sensitivity of Helikite radios. Then the information can be classified using suitable software.

Advantages of Border Security

  • Protects National Borders

  • Detects Illegal Immigrants

  • Monitors Cross-Border Traffic

  • Deters All Types of Smuggling

  • Distant Cross-Border Surveillance

  • Increases Border Patrol Effectiveness

  • Records Border Incidents from the Air

  • Detects Long Range Mobile Phone Use

  • Improves Border Patrol Reaction Speeds

  • Detects Over-The-Horizon Boats and Ships

  • Improves Safety for Border Guards and Travellers 


  • NATO All Weather Lighter-Than-Air Helikite Aerostat

  • 24/7, Day-Night, Airborne Capability to 7,000ft

  • Airborne Long Range E/O - I/R Surveillance

  • Unlimited Affordable Airborne Persistence

  • 30 Mph Mobile High Altitude Patrol Capability

  • Long Range High Definition Zoom Cameras

  • Long Range High Zoom Thermal Cameras

  • Detects Long Range Radio Signals (SIGINT)

  • Lifts Airborne Radar Above Land and Sea

  • Through Tree Canopy Personnel Detection

  • Failsafe Operation With Easy Training

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