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Allsopp Helikites Ltd provides everything needed to fly, maintain and store Helikites. Since the Helikite was designed and patented by Sandy Allsopp in 1993, Allsopp Helikites Ltd has designed many types of Helikite to suit our customers. The quality of workmanship, materials and attention to detail is very high to ensure that Helikites can endure long periods flying steadily in the sort of foul weather that grounds normal aerostats. Our support products are normally designed or modified in-house, based on experience of flying Helikites in many different environments and circumstances. They enhance the ease and cost-effectiveness of Helikite operation and can provide capabilities that are not available elsewhere.

delating and finding an aerostat or blimp

Deflation Devices

Allsopp Helikites Ltd produces unique aerostat deflation devices for professional use

american deploy blim or aerstat for quck military use


CHAMP is a new concept in rapidly transported and deployed aerostats.  Everything needed to inflate and operate the Helikite for extended periods is in the CHAMP case

flying from hundreds of meters in the sky with payload and camera for reseach, environmental


Allsopp Helikites Ltd generally recomends that Dyneema tethers are use for almost all Helikite applications.

tethering and securing a large helim balloon

Ground Grabba

An immensely strong solid steel articulated ground anchor. Designed specifically for Helikites and hand made by Allsopp Helikites Ltd in England.



The Helibase makes Helikite deployment fast, easy, stress-free and safe. 

Image by Debby Hudson


Training is highly recommended for customers who purchase Helikites of 20m3 and over. Especially if cameras are involved, as they require special mounting and ground handling.

Allsopp Helikites can provide training on and Helikite or product. A training facility is located in Cranborne Dorset, a short drive from the main manufacturing shop located in Fordingbridge Hampshire, UK.

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