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Lift Professional Gyro-stabilised Broadcast Video Cameras

Helikites can lift cameras such as Cineflex, bradley, FLIR etc. The first-rate stability of a Helikite, its all-weather capability and persistence make it an excellent airborne platform for all types of film and broadcast cameras. This is useful for movie production, television, nature, and sports broadcast videos. 


Helikites are smaller than other aerostats, and therefore are much easier to set up. Additionally, they are very inexpensive to use, making them practical, economical, and profitable to use in many previously impossible airborne opportunities.

aerial footage from the sky for video and film
Lift Drone Cameras

Drones fitted with good gyro-stabilised cameras are often successfully used for filming. However, these usually only last about 15 minutes, which makes them less than ideal to cover events such as football matches, yacht racing, cycle racing, rallying etc.


It is easy to lift an entire drone on a lightweight, trailer-mounted Helikite, thus enabling extended video coverage from the air using existing drone equipment and all the economies that this provides.

GYRO CAMERA Trillium Orion HD25
Longe Range Airborne Radio Relay

Many sports, such as ocean racing, car rallies, cycle races and marathons, are conducted over great distances. They may also be out of cell phone range. 


However, by lifting MANET radios to hundreds of feet, Helikites can provide a real-time video link between remote broadcast cameras (such as on a boat) and the broadcast headquarters. This enables live viewing of dramatic moments as opposed to relying on recorded highlights.

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