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Simple, Profitable Airborne Marketing with Helikites


  • Hugely cost-effective

  • Highly targeted

  • Exploits known high traffic areas

  • High percentage viewing

  • Easily predictable advertising coverage

  • Free TV coverage possible at sporting events

  • Newsworthy advertising activity

  • Unrivalled timeliness

  • Very responsive

  • Exploits uncluttered airspace

  • Inexpensive

  • Highly controllable

  • Rapid-response mobile operations anywhere

  • Provides high income from roadside advertising sites

  • Excellent for powerful advertising campaigns

  • Perfect for shows and festivals

  • Planning authority seldom required

Aerial banner lifted by an aerostat

Helikite Advantages

  • Small and simple to deploy

  • Lighter than air – flies in no wind

  • Capable in high winds

  • Very inexpensive

  • Reliable, tough, and long lasting

  • Uses minimal helium

  • Brilliant at lifting banners to great heights

  • Advertising can be applied directly to the Helikite

  • Unique Helikite shape attracts maximum attention

Helium device lifting a flag

Helikite advertising brightens even the most overcast skies.

Unlike normal advertising blimps, all Helikites fly steadily and are safe to handle – even in high winds. That’s why Helikites are the favoured high-altitude aerostat of the military and scientists worldwide.

They can be flown almost anywhere – even from small boats to provide beachside publicity.

They do not require any fin adjustment, electric ballonets, radio-controls, etc. Just quickly fill them with helium and fly.

Helikites are small enough to be stored, transported, and fully inflated in a van, floater, garage or business unit.

Looking for highly effective aerial advertising? You don’t need to buy the usual large, expensive, unwieldy, gas-guzzling, sausage-shaped helium blimps for that.

All you need:

  • 1x Small Helikite to lift the banner

  • 1x Small Helium cylinder to fill the Helikite.

  • 1x Kite reel to adjust the Helikite's height.

  • 1x Big-bag for safe and easy inflation.

  • 1x Carry-bag.

  • 5 minutes to inflate

Helium lifting equipment
Aerostat lifting equipment

Advertising Opportunities

  • Department stores

  • Retail parks

  • Showgrounds

  • Roadsides

  • Music festivals

  • Football matches

  • Cricket matches

  • Car racing

  • Motorcycle racing

  • Sailing regattas

  • Boat shows

  • Auctions

  • Marathons

  • Craft fairs

  • Surf festivals

  • Beach volleyball

  • Election campaigns

Helikite Advertising
Helikite lifting large banner

Or think BIG!


Banners can be made in a wide variety of shapes. Full-size car-shaped banners are possible, as are soft drink shapes, logos, phones, computers, white goods, etc. This means your advertising banner can be personalised to fit your brand and your business.

Massive banners able to be easily seen within TV coverage of sporting events, can be lifted on our 20m3, 34m3, 75m3 and 100m3 Desert Star Helikites.

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