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Helikite 4G Remote Communications for Emergencies

Helikite 4G communications save lives.


Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can disable the cell phone network. By lifting cell phone base-stations on rapid reaction Helikites, local cell phone providers can restore basic 4G communications in under an hour. This is essential as it allows first responders to communicate with each other, as well as to contact the victims of the emergency. Emergency services can be informed of who is in greatest need of help and the areas which are worst affected by the disaster. This kind of information normally cannot be gathered without cell phone connectivity.

Helikites for Emergency Services

MANET Networked Radios for Search & Rescue

For mountain search and rescue in areas with no cell phone coverage, MANET radios lifted on small Helikites can instantly provide a huge radio communications network over vast areas of mountains, valleys, and forests. In doing so, it enables search and rescue teams to communicate and coordinate their actions far more safely and efficiently.

A Royal Marines 10 cubic metre Desert Star Helikite

Helikite Hotspots

When nearby cell phone base stations are disabled, communities with a tiny Helikite Hotspot can use it to communicate with distant base stations that are still active. This allows local communities to communicate with the central authorities to inform them of local damage and casualties. As a result, emergency services can coordinate their relief efforts far more effectively – saving time, effort, and lives.

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About Allsopp Helikites?

Allsopp Helikites is located in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, in the United Kingdom. Training is available for all products supplied by Allsopp Helikites at a training facility located near the manufacturing plant.

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