Allsopp Helikites Ltd

Unit 2, Fordingbridge Business Park, Fordingbridge, Hampshire. SP6 1BD England UK

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Allsopp Helikites Limited UK Company No. 3466204 Incorporated 1993
US Government CCR Registered Supplier


News and Press Releases

NATO’s New Helikites Could Revolutionise Unmanned Warfare. 01/10/2019
Aerial Beluga Whale Observations Using a Small Aerostat Helikte 27/10/2016
World's First Moving, Patrolling, Border Security Aerostat 11/09/2015
Helikite Aerostats to Provide 4G Coverage for All of Australia 29/02/2016
Skysentry Validates Performance of Aerostat-Enhanced, Expansive Mobile Network 04/11/2015
New Action Cam Helikite The World's Easiest Aerial Photography 11/02/2015 Aerial Photography Just Got a Whole Lot Easier 28/10/2015
Australian Special Forces Acquire Helikite Long-Range Communications Capability 08/02/2015
'Blackeyes' Helikites Flying to Protect African Rhinos 10/2014
Helikite Aerostat Will Lift the World's First Airborne 4G Base Sation 02/10/20013
Helikites Prove Effective at Protecting US Troops in Afghanistan 05/07/2013
Low Visibility Skyhook Helikite Lifts ITT Spearnet Radio to 200ft 19/12/2007
Firefly Helikite Surveillance Gives Successful Demonstarion 02/10/2008
Carolina Unmanned Vehicles Receives Navy Contract 07/06/2007
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