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The Largest Range of Aerostats in the World

Allsopp Helikites Ltd provides everything needed to fly, maintain and store Helikites.  Since the Helikite was designed and patented by Sandy Allsopp in 1993, Allsopp Helikites Ltd has designed many types of Helikite to suit our customers. 


The quality of workmanship, materials and attention to detail is very high to ensure that Helikites can endure long periods flying steadily in the sort of foul weather that grounds normal aerostats.  Our support products are normally designed or modified in-house, based on experience of flying Helikites in many different environments and circumstances.  They enhance the ease and cost-effectiveness of Helikite operation and can provide capabilities that are not available elsewhere.

16 cubic metre Skyhook

These are the workhorses of the Helikite aerostat range. Designed to lift considerable payloads to higher altitudes than is possible with any other similar sized aerostats.

Tethered aerostats using helium in Flight

The Desert Star Helikite is designed for rough or sand-blown conditions.  They are beautifully designed and made to allow perfect performance without the need for fragile electronic aids.

obtaining movie camera, infared, optical camera aerial footage

Skyshot Helikites fly themselves & take superb aerial photographs, automatically.  The world's best digital cameras anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  Very low cost to buy and fly.

Jungle Marker Balloon

Helikites can move up through the branches of jungles and woods and fly in the strong winds above the canopy to mark the position of people to aid exact location from aircraft.


Allsopp Helikites provide a large range of support products from winches to trailers.

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