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Extended Wifi and GoTenna Coverage

Frustrated by the lack of Wi-Fi in wide, open spaces?
Helikite Hotspots have revolutionised the Wi-Fi provider game by creating products designed to give you the best Wi-Fi connection when out and about in the countryside.

Our portable Helikite Hotspots offer an airborne solution that gives you up to four times better Wi-Fi coverage at ten times the speed. And it only takes ten minutes to set up.


Why Helikite Hotspots?




Designed, created, and patented in 1993, the Helikite aerostat has been used in many sectors for professional purposes. These include the military, the government, and emergency services. They are also used in the scientific sector and in aerial photography.

Helikites are a combination of a Helikite balloon and a carbon-framed kite. The unique design ensures outstanding flight in winds so high they would ground other aerostats. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, have high lifting capabilities and are extremely tough.

Our Helikite Hotspot packages not only include the Helikite aerostat, but all the necessary additional equipment required to provide simple deployment in every situation.


Our Helikites for personal use can fly up to 1,000ft, while our professional package enables flight up to 4,000ft. Please be aware, however, that these altitudes may not be allowed by law in some areas.

Any Wi-Fi device can be used with our Helikite hotspots, but their range does vary. Generally, those with a shorter battery life of up to 6 hours offer a range of around 300ft, while those with a longer battery life of 8 hours have a range of around 800ft.

Helium is required to fly any Helikite. While this is not supplied by us, it can be easily sourced from many outlets.

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