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To calculate CORRECT SIZE of Helikite  the NET LIFT in the table below MUST INCLUDE: 

Payload weight + weight of line + rain/snow + other considerations


Also, the starting altitude and geographical circumstances (heat, latitude, etc) need to be taken into account.  

Please contact us to assist you in establishing the correct size.



Note 1. All figures are for performance are for Imperial Standard Temperature & Pressure.


Note 2. Extra heat, humidity, and height reduce lift. So does simply being nearer the equator. This can be reasonably reliably calculated for the particular environmental conditions of a particular region. If in doubt, choose a Helikite with a little extra helium lift.

Note 3. These figures are based on dry Helikites. Rain, snow, dew and mist all add the weight of significantly dense water over the entire surface of a Helikite. Small Helikites may lose over 50% of their net lift. The largest Helikites may only lose 20% of their net lift due to their better surface-area-to-volume-ratio.

Note 4. These lift figures do not take into account the weight of flying line. Obviously this will be greater for longer flying lines than shorter ones, however modern Dyneema flying line is 10 times lighter than steel cable of the same strength, so flying line weight normally only becomes a significant issue for altitudes over 500ft. 

Note 5. Figures with an asterisk next to them are calculated estimates. We have never gone over 6000ft because nobody has ever asked us to, however due to the unique aerodynamic design of Helikites, it is relatively simple to reliably calculate their maximum potential altitudes. Helikites not only cost less to purchase, using less helium per KG to lift saves helium costs.

Prices are in British Pounds. Contact your bank, credit card company or use a currency converter for current exchange rates.

Lightweight and Skyshot

The Skyshot Standard comes equipped with a single monopod underneath for mounting one photo camera.

Action Cam & Hybrid

The  Action Cam comes with soft mounts for inserting GoPro Video Cameras.

The Hybrid comes equipped with a singe monopod underneath for mounting one photo camera, as well as soft mounts for GoPro Video Cameras. Combinations vary depending on the size of Helikite. Please contact us for more information.

# This Hybrid can be modified to carry multiple cameras of the customer's choice. The price includes customised velcro attachments for the cameras.

Skyhook Helikites

Desert Star Helikites

Desert Star Helikites are double-lined. The inner, removable balloon in protected by a tough, lightweight cover made from "Ultra" material. The inner balloon can easily be replaced with minimal downtime.

POA - Price on application (contact us for details). Most Desert Star Helikites are customised and prices vary upon what is needed for the application.

* Denotes estimated performance, based on net helium lift and tether weight.

Lift Performance figures are based on base-station dry conditions at sea-level "Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)"  WITHOUT TETHER and so will be predictably different in situations where STP does not apply. i.e. In hot, high, humid places, or wet conditions, rain, snow etc. 

Training is available for all Allsopp Helikite aerostats and products. A training facility is located in Dorset, a short drive from the main manufacturing facility located in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, UK.

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