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Action Cam Helikite – the World’s Easiest Aerial Photography
11th February 2015 Ref: PR3-2015

New Action Cam Helikite
The World's Easiest Aerial Photography

Aerial photography to professional standards is now extremely easy and accessible for everyone. In fact, it is automatic, and the photos are practically free!


The new 'Action Cam Helikite' from does everything by itself. It flies itself and multiple action cameras hundreds of feet into the air whilst taking thousands of shots in all directions, ensuring it photographs everything, everywhere.


The Action Cam Helikite frames the shots, triggers the shutter, and records the photographs. It can be 'walked' around to capture every angle and moved up and down to capture the very best views. Alternatively, it can be tethered to the ground and left all by itself to keep shooting everything beneath it for hours unattended. You can photograph your own activities from the air.


The Action Cam Helikite can be flown from a moving person, car, or boat. No skill or knowledge is needed to safely, legally, and easily obtain unbelievable action shots that even the best pro-photographers cannot get with any other equipment. The list of uses is endless and growing all the time as owners discover more and more great photo opportunities for fun – and profit.


Real Estate: For the first time, all homes and business premises can have high-quality aerial photos taken by anybody working in the real estate business. No need to hire an expensive pro-photographer. Any realtor can do a better job himself in a couple of minutes for virtually no cost at all.


Sport: The Action Cam Helikite can take brilliant shots of football, tennis, baseball, cricket, swimming, climbing, cycling, motorsport, sailing, etc. No risk to the competitors (as with UAV drones), and all fully legal for business use.

Agriculture: A full aerial photo record of a field can be obtained within seconds. This allows near-infra-red monitoring of crops to capture NDVI data, allowing the farmer or agronomist to discern weeds, crop stress, drought, irrigation failure and disease.

Surveying: Photogrammetry is the most accurate method of measuring areas of ground, buildings, railways, factories, or bridges. The Action Cam Helikite makes it simple and fast, saving the surveyor considerable time and money.

Journalism: Crowd scenes, riots, marches, fires, sports, crime scenes, war, pollution, ceremonies, weather, traffic, conventions, shows, pop festivals – the list goes on and on. The Action Cam Helikite is up within seconds of arrival, taking aerial photos no one else can get.

Science: Action Cam Helikites are great for recording animal behaviour from above. They can also monitor vegetation for ecologists, land features for geologists, traffic for planners, or river flow for hydrologists. Scientists love Helikites.

Leisure: Aerial photos of friends, parties, pets, fetes, and competitions are all great to do. What’s the most popular type of photo? Aerial selfies, of course!

About Allsopp Helikites Limited

Allsopp Helikites Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of advanced lighter-than-air, miniature, all-weather aerostat systems. The company delivers a full range of products including Helikite aerostats, Helibases, Helikite winches, flying line, video surveillance cameras, aerial photographic equipment, radio-relay systems, Jungle Marker Helikites, balloon cut-down devices, helium, and aerostat trailers. Allsopp Helikites Ltd is a privately owned SME operating from its aerostat test flying base in Dorset, England.

For further information or photographic images please contact:

Sandy Allsopp, Allsopp Helikites Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)01425 654 967


Issued by:

Allsopp Helikites Ltd, Unit 1&2 Fordingbridge Business Park, Ashford Rd, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6  1BD, England.
Tel: +44 (0)01425 654 967 E-mail:

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