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Ground Anchors

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Grabba Ground Anchors

An immensely strong solid steel articulated ground anchor.

Designed specifically for Helikites and hand made by Allsopp Helikites Ltd in England. It can be deployed in under 60 seconds. Its articulated design actually grabs the ground harder when the pull on it is increased. So it does not budge when under strain. The ‘Grabba’ is unique in being suitable for almost all types of ground with no design changes. This is very important as it removes the need to carry numerous different types of ground anchors to suit different soils and also greatly reduces training time for operators. It is very low profile so easily fits under a tarpaulin or Helibase and has no sharp protrusions to damage the Helikite or cause injury to operators. The ‘Grabba’ is possibly the best all round ground anchor available.


  • Hand made design

  • Precision engineered out of high carbon British steel

  • Three solid steel strain-bearing arms

  • 1,500Kg breaking strain attachment ring

  • Three high tensile steel Marquee Pegs

  • Stainless steel articulated joint

  • Carbon steel is nickel plated against corrosion

  • Easy extraction rings on Marquee pegs

  • Tested to 1000Kg breaking strain

  • Hammer + Extractor Included

  • Tough canvas transport and storage bag


  • Length when deployed: 100cm

  • Length when folded for storage or transport: 60cm

  • Weight 20Kg

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