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Airborne Revolution

Day and night. Whatever the weather. 

Lifting your payload has never been easier, thanks to the new, patented Helikite:

the most effective and economical method of lifting payload into the sky ever devised.




High lift at low cost.

250m3 Desert Star Helikite above Helibas
1m3 Skyshot Helikite_edited_edited_edite

Lift your camera, radio, or antenna at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerostats or drones.

Helikites are the world’s first aerodynamic, lighter-than-air aircraft.

They utilise the endless free energy of wind and gravity. 

Its unique, patented design combines a high-altitude, tethered balloon with a kite, pushed up by both helium and wind.

The result: stable, permanent flight and the ability to lift a wide variety of payloads.

Robust design using military grade materials.

Proven worldwide in all weathers and environmental conditions.

What kind of Helikite do you need?

We make many different models of Helikites, but they broadly fall into two categories:

Desert Star Helikites and Skyhook Helikites. Find out which type is right for your project. 

I will be flying the Helikite... 

  • in dusty, sand-blown conditions 

  • at sea

  • in the snow or extreme cold 

I will be flying the Helikite... 

  • at sea

  • to cover sporting events

  • at a trade show

  • in high humidity

“Light years ahead of the compeition."

Maj. Andrew Beaumont, British Army Trials Officer


45m3 Desert Star Helikite Colorado (2).jpg

Allsopp Helikites Ltd has 30 years of experience manufacturing Helikite aerostats for world-leading organisations. 

  • High lift for improved connections and line of sight.

  • Balloon-kite combination exploits both helium and wind.

  • Come rain or shine… Helikites are made from military-grade materials.

Made to your requirements.

Unmatched flying and lifting capabilities.

Helikite aerostats are suitable for:

  • Environmental Research

  • Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences

  • Cloud & Pollution Research

  • Military & Surveillance

  • Science & Research

  • GoPro & GoTenna Systems

  • Payload Attachments

  • Radar Systems 

  • Communication Relays for 4G & 5G

  • Unmanned Vehicle Relay

  • Extended Line of Sight for Transceivers & Radar Equipment

  • Fibre Optics Option

The size of Helikite is generally determined by how much weight needs to be lifted into the air. 

Desert Star Helikite aerostats have a full cover for protection and strength,

Skyhooks have an open balloon for the lightest weight possible.

Allsopp Helikites is located in the United Kingdom and ships worldwide.

Contact us to discuss your unique situation.

+44 (0)1425 654967

Airborne Aerostat Solutions for a range
of Applications 

Benefits of Helikite Aerostats

Tethered aerostats for Communications Defence Security 4G 5G

Helikite aerostats are a patented combination of a high altitude helium balloon and kite. Helikite aerostats overcome the shortfalls of normal tethered balloons, UAVs, blimps, aerostats and kites. Helikite aerostats use less helium per kilogram of list than other aerostats. Helikites are more stable, lift heavier payloads and cost much less to purchase and operate than other aerostats.

High winds that send other aerostats crashing to the ground actually push Helikites higher into the sky. Helikites are the world’s only successful kite-balloon hybrid aerostat. They are very tough and survive extreme weather and military trials that literally tear other aerostats to shreds.

The unique design means that even small Helikites can fly to thousands of feet without the need for a ballonet or constant electrical power. Helikites mean that aerostats are no longer just fair-weather aircraft. With Helikites, helium costs are low in comparison to other aerostats with the same payloads.

Other balloon and blimp aerostats may fly in good weather and clean air. However, when you absolutely must have a reliable aerostat to operate in all conditions, there is only one choice: the unique, unmatched Helikite.

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