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Easy Aerial Photography for Everyone
28th October 2015. Ref: P11-2015

Aerial photography just got a whole lot easier! is a new website from Allsopp Helikites Ltd.

As Allsopp Helikites CEO, Sandy Allsopp explained:

“ is for all those people who have dreamed of taking outstanding, professional aerial photos, but have been put off by the significant problems involved using normal methods. EasyAerialPhotography allows the dream to come true.”

The website showcases all the latest innovations around the Skyshot series of Helikite lighter-than-air sub-miniature aerostats. They are compact enough to fit fully inflated in a hatchback car and only use minimal amounts of safe, cheap helium. is for people who:

1. Are unable to justify the cost and weather dependency of flying in light aircraft.

2. Worry about drones, with their tendency to malfunction, crash, and upset people.

3. Care about dropping their favourite camera.

4. Hate the thought of spending every evening fixing up quadcopters.

5. Are frustrated by the limited height and versatility of masts.

6. Find that the legal problems of drones are restricting their aerial photography.

These people will love It is entirely devoted to the excellent aim of making aerial photography so easy, fun, safe and cheap, that anybody can be taking brilliant, sharp and well composed photos and video within seconds of arriving on site. describes how to:


● Take great aerial photos and videos – totally automatically.
● Fly in all weathers, including no wind and high wind. This ensures reliable photoshoot planning.

● Save enormous amounts of money on unnecessary equipment.
● Safely and legally take aerial photos where nobody else can.
● Fly the best cameras in the world without worrying about losing them.
● Take aerial photos for publicity, science, work, art, surveying, agriculture, news, and more.
● Become a useful and reliable professional photographer in a single day.
Great aerial photography for everybody

About Allsopp Helikites Limited

Allsopp Helikites Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of advanced lighter-than-air, miniature, all-weather aerostat systems. The company delivers a full range of products including Helikite aerostats, Helibases, Helikite winches, flying line, video surveillance cameras, aerial photographic equipment, radio-relay systems, Jungle Marker Helikites, balloon cut-down devices, helium, and aerostat trailers. Allsopp Helikites Ltd is a privately owned SME operating from its aerostat test flying base in Dorset, England.

For further information or photographic images please contact:

Sandy Allsopp, Allsopp Helikites Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)01425 654 967


Issued by:

Allsopp Helikites Ltd, Unit 1&2 Fordingbridge Business Park, Ashford Rd, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6  1BD, England.
Tel: +44 (0)01425 654 967 E-mail:

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