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14th February 2020 Ref: 02/20

34m3 and 250m3 Desert Star Helikites lau
250m3 Desert Star Helikite on ship in At
Extra Large V8 Motor Winch on Ship. - Co


In 2019, Desert Star Helikites were towed across the Atlantic from Rio De Janeiro to Portugal in order to measure cloud droplet formation for the German Max Planck Research Institute.

The Helikites lifted heavy laser droplet monitoring devices to over 5,000ft, high into the clouds in order to determine exactly how cloud droplets form. The exact mechanism for the creation of cloud droplets is not well understood. Droplet formation is a major factor in cloud cover and other weather so understanding it is very important for accurate weather forecasting and research into climate modelling.

The first crossing was very successful, with excellent new data acquired despite some difficult weather condition including very high winds. Following this success, a second crossing was funded and this is presently crossing the Atlantic, but this time in the opposite direction, following the trade wind clouds from Portugal to Barbados.

Reports from the researchers on the ship say that excellent results are being obtained on this second trip as on the first and that the Helikite is proving to be a superb piece of meteorological equipment.

No other type of scientific aerostat has ever managed to operate for so long, over such distant sea passages in such high winds in difficult sea conditions. The ships were going at normal speed, not slowing down for Helikite operations. Not only were the Helikites flown singly, but they were sometimes ‘stacked’ one above the other to provide even more altitude whenever required. This is not possible with any other airborne platform.

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