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PDF Downloads

Netforce is the combination of MANET (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network) and a Helikite. It creates an instant broadband network over vast areas using Helikites lifting MANET radios. A rapid, cost-efficient solution to unreliable bandwidth in military environments.

Images of Helikites at work at sea in all weather conditions.

Current radio-relay platforms are often insufficient at transmitting high-frequency radio waves over uneven terrain. Using Helikites to perform radio relay creates robust, long-range aerial networks for the military and is a simple yet significant network solution for the future.

Brochure for the Black Eyes Helikite surveillance system.

 Helikites can effortlessly lift military-grade Bowman radios to enable encrypted, frequency-hopping range extensions eight times greater than ground-based systems.

Helikite Airborne Comms use MANET radios to facilitate instant and persistent comms for military and civilian use.

Fed by fibre-optic cable, Helikites can act as a high-altitude antenna and reliably relay data – well out of range of small arms fire. Unlimited bandwidth and excellent reception at a low cost and without the need for multiple personnel.

A demonstration testing the use of a small Helikite to rapidly set up an airborne Mobile Ad Hoc Radio Network to operate internet video cameras from many miles away.

A report on the use of Helikites for close range aerial photography. It finds Helikites to be versatile and efficient, with many different uses such as for archaeology and site mapping.

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